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Time again, folks, to show you what the rest of the world has enjoyed on this site over the past thirty days on Da’ Blakk Frogg Joke Blog. Why does Blakk Frogg do this? Simple: He has no life, his cat hates him, no one ever sends him Christmas cards, and because a rabid monkey has a gun pointed at his testicles at this very moment.


From the looks of things, it seems that a lot of you really enjoy viewing and posting Adult MySpace Comments. Bunch of perverts and freaks you all are — And Blakk Frogg loves ya’ for it!

Free Adult MySpace Comments

Free Adult MySpace Comments

Time again to recap the most popular jokes on Da’ Blakk Frogg Joke Blog for the past 30 days! Seems that a lot of you like sex, pretty girls and that sort of thing this month. . . Ya’ bunch of horny bastards! 😛

Blakk Frogg wants to give honorable mention to Calories Burned During Sex, Carolina Panthers Cheerleader Has a NICE Ass, Tightrope Walker and the 85 Year Old Blowjob, Blonde and the Bodybuilder and 365 Attempts to Have Sex.

Well, that’s all for now. . . but don’t fret because blakk frogg will return again with some new lists of the most popular myspace comments on his myspace resource sites!

“When life hands you lemons, stuff them in the mufflers of law enforcement vehicles. Doing so will improve your social life immensely. We promise.”

On another note, people keep bugging Blakk Frogg to post a list of the most popular items from his Blakk Frogg Joke Blog instead of looking through all the entries and deciding for themself what they like. Laziness. Pure laziness.

Oral Sex, People! Oral Sex!
Popular Americas Best MySpace Comments (Sept 2007)
Sweet Devon Jersey Pics
Shitty MySpace Comments
Fiance’s Sister Wants to Have Sex With Me
Definition of Perfect Woman
Funny Dear Abby Letter
Wife Says, “Can’t You Just Hold Me?”
Girls for MySpace (September 2007)
Pharmacology Names for Viagra

You know what? The Simply Frogg Jokes Page has nearly 700 jokes on it right now…. and it would give you the perfect excuse not to do any real work right now.

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