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If your greedy self didn’t get enough funny ha-ha’s on this site then please head over to Sarcastic MySpace… a site that started as a way to help idiots add funny pictures to their MySpace pages and wound up as a suppository, er, we meant repository for all sort of funny pictures.

Or, just click through these other Frogg-a-licious projects until your mouse finger cramps up and blood squirts out from underneath your black, cracked, gangrenous fingernail.

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  • Need Jokes?

    Do you lack the ability to write funny material for your posts and need a source of jokes? Check out Simply Frogg and find at LEAST 650 great jokes to post.

    Site also contains sarcasm and devilish wit. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    Pretty Girls for MySpace?

    Leave it to Blakk Frogg to create a kick ass site like… Girls for MySpace where you can find pictures of sexy Celebrity Glamour Girls and Lightspeed Girls for your pages, blogs, postings, bathroom walls, etc. Definitely a site categorized as NSFW!

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    • admin: How can people not like this photo? Seriously. These girls have WONDERFUL personalities that just leap out of their shirts, er, eyes. Yes. Blakk Fr
    • admin: In other news, the children ingested so much of the drug that it took their parents a solid two weeks to catch the little bastards and beat their behi
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