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Texting — The Lifeless Art of Evasion

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Rather than face a situation that immediately presses us, we dodge issues by robotically (not a word, we know…) disengaging and then, seemingly without a second’s pause, sending our feelings via text message not to the person with whom the issue began, but rather to a different person that will take our side.

At what point in the evolution of humanity did we lose the ability to just… ‘duke it out’?

With all this technology at our disposal, and the means to communicate our sincere thoughts across miles, time zones, and even across the greatest expanse of our planet, one would THINK that we, as a supposedly intelligent species, would have gotten better at personal interactions — before we decided to make our thoughts potentially worldwide via all these neat, convenient tools for expression (venting).

Oops. As I write this, I cannot help but feel that I, too, may have lost sight of reality, the purpose of living, and why I got up this morning.

Tap tap, type type, text — Send.

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