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Best Customer Service This Frogg Has Ever Had: Definitive Technologies

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Rarely, if ever, will you find Blakk Frogg praising customer service… because quite honestly the art of actually taking care of a customer seems to have totally left this country — in spite of the fact that we, as a society, continue to become increasingly more service oriented (according to job titles, at least) than manufacturing oriented.

Today, however, Blakk Frogg will GLADLY AND WILLINGLY give praise to a company whose customer service greatly exceeded expectations and has, for all future purposes, made Blakk Frogg a customer for life.

Bought a subwoofer off of Audiogon.Com

Yep. Despite the rumors, Blakk Frogg ain’t got a whole lot of money so he shops intelligently… and with a budget. This time he found a Definitive Technologies Super Cube III for a decent price.

After several months of really great performance Blakk Frogg got the (dumb) idea to play some truly evil music containing subsonic frequencies at high volume for a prolonged period of time.

Yep. The sub died a painful death.

Greatness in action

After contacting the manufacturer, Definitive Technologies, Blakk Frogg quickly and easily purchased replacement amps for the sub at a really reasonable rate. The parts arrived within a week.

Unfortunately, however, replacing the amps did not solve the problem. Apparently the actual driver (aka: speaker) perished :(

Blakk Frogg then contacted Definitive Technologies a second time in an effort to purchase a replacement driver… and now for the greatness:

I will have a driver sent out at no charge. What I will also do is have two extra amps sent out to you as sometimes if it is the woofer that is bad then it may have immediately blown both of the amplifiers.

While Blakk Frogg cannot say that every experience a person will have with Definitive Technologies will go as well as his, this company has most definitely (pun intended) left a very positive impression in the gelatinous goo Blakk Frogg calls his brain.

Moral of the story?

Customer service matters. Definitive Technologies took care of a Frogg and seriously helped him out even though he bought their product second-hand.

They made… a future customer for life.

– Blakk Frogg

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