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Blakk Frogg conducted an independent study recently and determined that large breasted women have poor aim when shooting handguns.

He rationalized that the presence of excess mammary tissue caused a shift in gravitational forces affecting the barrel of the handgun, thus causing their bullets to miss their intended targets.

While he cannot fully substantiate this claim, he does review the following research material quite frequently:

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Any questions?

Some girls come into this world with really large breasts. Studies have shown that men prefer a woman with large breasts over a flat-chested toothpick. Accordingly, the urge a woman has to get implants so she can win the heart of a narrow-minded man follows. As an example, check out this desperate asian chick who got conned into getting fake boobs from a really bad surgeon:

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So ladies, if you want a man to love you, treat you right, and not sleep with your younger, much hotter sister, get breast implants like this asian girl, but get them from a reputable surgeonm and not from Joe’s House of Boobies.

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