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OK, well Blakk Frogg cannot understand some things, and this whole dirty feet fetish thing really confuses him. He recently posted some Kira Eggers and Jacklyn Lick photos on his Girls for MySpace project and yes, these gorls have got some dirty feet!

Celebrity Glamour Girls
Hot Girls For MySpace!

Things look relatively OK so far, but just watch as the camera zooms in closer… and the dark stains on their feet get more and more noticeable.

Celebrity Glamour Girls
Hot Girls For MySpace!

Girl on the left looks like she may have stepped in some form of photoset goo or something…. and finally:

Celebrity Glamour Girls
Hot Girls For MySpace!

Oh yeah. The pair of grungy feet on the left takes the cake. Gross.

Having worked with industry material for more than 10 years now, Blakk Frogg knows full well that some people like the whole foot fetish thing but today he poses the question of Why do people like DIRTY feet?

 – blakk frogg

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