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Consumer interest in the 79.9% credit card called ‘phenomenal’. Blakk frogg calls it STUPID, OUTRAGEOUS, APPALLING and DISGRACEFUL.

Read the article: ‘Phenomenal’ Interest in Credit Card w/ 79.9% Rate

Blakk Frogg feels certain that somewhere on the application it has a mandatory checkbox labeled, “Check this box if you have read and fully understand the Terms of this Agreement. You must check this box to receive Approval. Please bend over.”

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While many of you probably expect Blakk Frogg to write about how he pays for everything in cash and cut up all his credit cards 10 years ago… Ha! Fat chance of THAT!

Your friend Blakk Frogg got sucked into the depths of credit card debt not once, but TWICE and STILL has ridiculous payments to make each month. Life’s unexpected events (such as losing one’s job unexpectedly a few times) can really screw up a person’s financial plans, ya’ know?

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So why did Blakk Frogg decide to write about the credit card with a staggering and downright shameful 79.9% interest rate? Simple: The fact that some Americans, roughly 2% of the people who received the application by mail according to the article, find themselves in such a bad financial position that getting bent over a barrel and taking the bank’s big stick of abuse deep and hard makes sense… does not make sense.

Blakk Frogg remembers reading about times in American History when Americans thrived on overcoming the odds and succeeding in the face of adversity. At this time, however, he does not see that unfortunate 2% ever beating the odds and reclaiming their financial freedom.

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It sucks that people find themselves in such crappy places in life that they think a credit card with an interest rate rivaling that of a loan shark will work as a lifeline. Too bad the level of desperation in their lives does not allow them to see that the credit card more closely resembles an ever-tightening noose than anything else.

Sorry for wasting your time with this purposeless rant. It just pisses Blakk Frogg off that the same industry guilty of luring unwary citizens to their doom with ridiculous offers of credit and handing out mortgages to people knowing full well the people could not afford the payments has found yet another way to ruin people’s lives.

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Seems to Blakk Frogg that only the American people have to stand accountable for their mistakes in judgment and financially irresponsible ways… while the ‘Fat Cat Banks’ with grossly overpaid Executives just keep getting fatter and fatter off the blood, sweat and endless nights of tears pouring from the worried eyes of hardworking Americans.

Poetic… and pathetic.

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas, ya’ self-righteous maggots! Time to celebrate the upcoming Christmas Holiday with some Christmas humor, funny Christmas pics and other stuff that more or less makes fun of Christmas!

MySpace Sarcasm
Visit MySpace Sarcasm if…

you like peanut butter between your toes

And now we must begin the list of Christmas postings we’ve posted over the years on Da’ Blakk Frogg Joke Blog… so deal with it!



Girls Kissing in Santa Hats

Santa's Butt Wrapping Paper

Santa Chilling on the Beach

Well there you have it. Blakk Frogg’s official Christmas posting. Now someone PLEASE get him a case of beer! Pronto!

OK, this got on Blakk Frogg‘s nerves last night.

Why do some guys feel the need to grunt, groan, sigh loudly and/or say, “Ohhhhhhh…..? Whew. Oh boy this feels good” while using the urinal in a public restroom? Do they think anyone CARES to hear that sort of thing?

Better question: Do they do that at home as well or do they save those special performances for public outings?

So fellas, if you fall into the category of ‘Dipshits Who Do That’, please STOP.

No one cares about or wants to share in your moments of personal joy at the urinal.

Americas Best MySpace Toilet Comments

From time to time Blakk Frogg writes some rather interesting things he sends in the emails to good friends…. and this time he had a few things to say about his sex life:

I wouldn’t be able to last more than 15 seconds w/ a woman these days ‘cuz of stress and ‘lack recent wiener activity.

She’d hello and tell me her name and I’d already have to clean the protein smears from my underwear.

So, so wrong and unfair to me. Ever hear of blue balls? Mine are burgundy.

I’m the walking, talking, Special Olympics of sex.

Americas Best MySpace Sex Comments

If you came here looking for silly, sexy, sarcastic and sometimes sick pictures and graphics to use on blogs, profiles, bulletin boards and other places, well, you came on the right day ‘cuz today we post the most popular pictures and graphics on AmericasBestMySpace.Com for the month of May 2009!

Americas Best MySpace Comments Blog -- Free MySpace Comments

A brand of beer known as Sierra Nevada captured the heart, mind, body and soul of Blakk Frogg several years ago. For those of you old enough to drink, you ought to check out their line of beers — if you like good beer. Otherwise stick with your fruity drinks and cheap, moose piss beers.

Americas Best MySpace Comments Blog -- Free MySpace Comments

Every guy that has ever pissed off his significant other knows the feelings shown in the picture above. Some OTHER guys may LIKE the idea of barbed wire in the bedroom, but we dare not discuss that on this site.

Americas Best MySpace Comments Blog -- Free MySpace Comments

Drinking everyday does not make Blakk Frogg an alcoholic. Feeling like a burlap sack filled with bleeding buttholes because he DIDN’T drink that day might, though. lol.

Americas Best MySpace Comments Blog -- Free MySpace Comments

Looks like a lot of people had beer on the brain last month. Guzzling a Heineken always sounds like a good idea. Guzzle-guzzle buurrrrrrrp!

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Wow. Great way to finish out last month’s most popular picture comments — with a swift kick in the balls. Blakk Frogg cringes each time he sees this image.

So after an interesting night of bouncing at an urban strip club for the first time, the infamous Blakk Frogg has boobs and beaver on his brain. Something about all that ‘get crunk’ music about overt sexuality, blatant drug use and gigantic spinning chrome rims on souped up classic rides while good looking girls of all nationalities shook their ass on stage and in VIP couch dances caused him to think about. . . Sex on Saturday.

Free Adult MySpace Comments

Free Adult MySpace Comments

Free Adult MySpace Comments

As ususal we have waded through about half a billion emails asking us to PLEASE post the most popular postings on Da’ Blakk Frogg Joke Blog. . . and since we FEEL like it, we will do just that. Only THIS time we will break them down into two of the more popular categories: Redneck and MySpace Comments for your convenience.

Redneck. . .

MySpace Comments. . .

So there you have it, folks. . . more proff that people spend quite a lot of time searching for things like Sarcastic, Redneck and Adult MySpace Comments.

Now have a redneck & dirty day, dang it!

Shame on you. . . But thanks for dropping by! Blakk Frogg summoned you here, or more like tricked you into coming here, so he could show you this:

click here to see me naked
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Get the hint? Blakk Frogg put a lot of effort into making your life a little more interesting so you could at LEAST take a look, right?

‘Cuz if you don’t, well, this might happen to you on your way to drop off those pornographic DVD you rented last night:

Americas Best MySpace Comments

While browsing through an unnamed personals magazine, for professional reasons, Blakk Frogg came across the following photograph and figured he ought to share it with the rest of you and call it “Pimp Looking for New Hoes”.

Americas Best MySpace Random Comments

Now if you will please excuse Blakk Frogg has a few ‘professional’ emails to send to somereal hot chicks who go by the screen names of ‘Dances With Dildos’, ‘Ready to Hump’, and ‘Ready to F##k Frogg’.

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