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Effects of Banning Weapons in the United States (Predicted)

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Despite the valiant efforts of so many U.S. Citizens to convince other U.S. Citizens that the right to bear arms — any kind of arms — exists as part of the foundation upon which this great Nation of ours sits… once again we find ourselves embroiled in a conflict over the right of a law-abiding citizen to bear arms.

Since most of us run of the mill, average, law-abiding, hardworking U.S. Citizens have REAL work to do, unlike all these reactionary Congressional folks currently riding on the caskets of recent gun violence victims in an effort to make a name for themselves, we will now skip right to the list of things we feel anyone pondering a ban on firearms ought to consider before casting his or her ballot:

  • Criminals, by definition, do NOT abide by laws so ask yourself this: “Will adding more legislation to an already cluttered legal system REALLY make the bad guys and gals of this country turn over a new leaf… and turn in their weapons?”
  • Tyrants & Dictators throughout history have risen to power more often than not in countries where the population had limited access to the tools necessary to stave off repression, oppression, and suppression.
  • Military & Law Enforcement agencies and organizations will undoubtedly still continue developing, testing and carrying newer, bigger and ‘badder’ weapons regardless of whether or not law-abiding members of the general population have the right to bear arms.
  • MILLIONS of Dollars get spent every year by both sides of the gun rights argument… while MILLIONS of people, at one point or another last year, found themselves either struggling to feed their families or losing sleep at night because the job situation had them seriously fearing that one day soon they would not have the ability to feed their families.
  • The ‘War on Drugs’ made the sale and trafficking of illegal narcotics a much more lucrative business. The increased profitability of illegal drug trafficking made those involved much more interested in protecting their ‘piece of the pie’ — by any means necessary. Our Mexican neighbors near the U.S. / Mexico an attest to this fact on almost daily basis.

    We feel that making it harder for folks to legally obtain firearms will result in the explosive growth of black market trafficking of weapons into the country… and historically wherever you see large amounts of money already tainted with an illegal scent, violence & greed naturally follow.

  • Home Invasions scare the living daylights out us, as they should. Two or more aggressive, violent parties entering a residence out of nowhere will have a lot less to fear if private, law-abiding citizens have no effective means of protecting themselves.

    Who here remembers the scene in Clockwork Orange when those charming hooligans burst into the home of that couple out in the countryside and… well, if you have not watched that film, go and watch that one scene if you want a grotesque lesson in home invasion etiquette.

  • Serial Killers and Mass Murderers have existed throughout time according to historians. Most of them have opted for violent means other than firearms when committing their acts of atrocities — except, of course, for the serial killers and mass murderers that held political offices.

We have a lot more thoughts that we would like to share, but for now we will stop and allow those of you still with us to digest what we have already put forth.

In conclusion, we believe the Founding Fathers made it quite clear in their words that citizenship in the United States comes with the benefit of many freedoms and also with the responsibility to defend those freedoms from any force, internal or external to the Nation, looking to take those rights away.

Taking away the rights of law-abiding gun owners will do very little to stifle the problem of crazy folks doing crazy things. Possibly fixing the economy and addressing many of the issues which have driven some people to extreme acts of violence… might.

Think about it.

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