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What Not to Leave in a Hot Car

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As record high temperatures continue to scorch many parts of the United States lists like the following have started appearing in local newspapers across the country:

Top ten items not to leave in your car in this heat

Myrtle Beach, SC (WMBF)- In this extreme heat and humidity, getting into that hot car is all but pleasant, but what about the things you leave in your car once you get out? With no end in sight for the heat, here’s the top ten items to take out of your vehicle tonight.

10.) Aerosol cans — Aerosol cans like hairspray should not be stored at temperatures above 120F. They can explode.

9.) Prescription and over the counter medications — The heat can change the chemical composition of medications.

8.) Cigarette lighters — These lighters can explode if they are left in a hot car.

7.) Electronic devices like GPS and iPods — The heat can cut short the lives of electronic devices. In the long run, this will cost you money to replace these items.

6.) CDs and DVDs — CDs and DVDs can be damaged if left in a hot car.

5.) Sunglasses — The heat can warp the shape of frames and lenses on your sunglasses.

4.) Plastic bottles like water bottles — Chemicals used to make plastic bottles could leach into your drink if you leave them in the heat.

3.) Crayons — If it is hot enough in the car, crayons will melt causing a gooey mess.

2.) Lipstick — Lipstick will also melt in the heat, so take it with you when you get out of the car.

1.) Soda cans — Cans don’t like extreme heat or cold and can explode.

OK, so that list makes a lot of sense but it also makes one wretched assumption about many members of the general public and common sense: It made the terrible assumption that all members of the general public HAVE common sense.

OUR version of this list would have started with the following three entries because we know better than to assume good things about the general public these days:

  1. Children

  2. Elderly

  3. Pets

As stupid as that sounds, we have lots of stupid people on this planet who ‘forget’ to get grandma, junior and/or the family llama out of the car on hot days.

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