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Offensive Oil Profits

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At a time when most Americans, such as your friend Blakk Frogg, find themselves skimping on ‘luxuries’ in life (i.e. bacon and imported beer) so that they can afford to put gas in their tanks just to get to work, the oil companies teeter on the brink of posting, yet again, RECORD profits.

Will someone PLEASE explain to a hard working American WHY the government has NOT made the connection between continually rising gas prices and astronomical oil company profits?

Oh, and before Blakk Frogg finishes this little rant he wants to ask another important question: Have the oil companies re-invested money in to their infrastructure in preparation for the next time a disaster — man made (terrorist) or natural — slams the Gulf Coast?

It would speak VOLUMES of the oil companies’ commitment to keeping the life blood of this Nation flowing if we could, for once, go to the pump and see the prices go DOWN instead of UP every single time a goat farts in the Middle East.

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