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Meat Equals Meal With a Little Help

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This came to us while talking about the consumption of meat with a friend that eats very little meat, but does enjoy some bacon every once in a while… otherwise she couldn’t hang out w/ us anymore. Ha ha.

The depth and significance of what you will soon read may shake the very foundation of your diet… FOREVER… so don’t say no one warned you.

Meat = Meal

If you simply cross the ” l “.

Yes… Meat as a meal now makes even more sense than ever, right? We thought it would.

Bacon Grenade
Image Sent by a Fellow Bacon Lover. Solidarity in Meat!

If we could live on bacon alone, we certainly would… but that would mean giving up beer, so maybe not having the ability to live solely on the greasy goodness of bacon has merits.

Very FEW merits, but merits none-the-less. Perhaps only one.

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