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King of the Jungle

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Leo was a lion and wanted everyone to know he was King of the Jungle. So he went through the jungle reminding everyone just who he was.

He came upon a monkey and asked him “Who is the greatest in the jungle?”

The monkey, trembling in fear replied, “Why, you are Leo. You are the great sovereign of the jungle.”

Leo said, “Yes, and don’t you forget it.”

Next Leo came upon a wildebeest and asked him the same question. “Who is the greatest of all in the jungle?”

The wildebeest, shaking so hard he could hardly speak, said, “You, King Leo, are the great potentate.”

Leo walked away reminding the wildebeest to never forget that fact.

Then Leo came upon an elephant and proceeded to ask him the very same question. “Who is the greatest of all in the jungle?”

The elephant just reached out and wrapped his trunk around the lion, almost squeezing the breath out of him, and pounded him against the ground several times. Then he pounded him against some trees. Again he pounded him against the ground. In a little bit the elephant dropped Leo to the ground and walked away pushing over trees as he went.

Leo laid there trying to get his wits and said, “Just because you don’t know the answer, doesn’t mean you have to have an attitude.”

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