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Do We Eat Anything Other Than Bacon?

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Such a stupid question, but still, since Amanda from St. Louis, MO took the time to ask we will humor her by replying.

“Yes, we eat things other than bacon. Despite how utterly awesome the idea sounds, mankind canNOT survive on bacon alone. Therefore we also eat items from the other important food groups: Meat, more meat, and more meat on top of that with a side dish of meat.”

For those curious about an example of a meat dish we absolutely LOVE even though it lacks bacon (nothing’s perfect), check out this killer Bison Steak we order at Four Moons Restaurant in Orangeburg, SC.

Tender Bison Steak at Four Moons Restaurant in Orangeburg, SC
Tender Bison Steak at Four Moons Restaurant

We hope this answers your question, Amanda. Now make yourself useful and go make us a double bacon sandwich, ya’ nosey little parasite!

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