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Deep… Fried… Bacon… Seriously.

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We have known about the practice of battering up a slice of bacon and deep frying it for some time now. We have also chosen to ignore it — until now. For some reason we decided to look it up today and see if we could find a good picture of it.

Lucky for you we have become masters in the art of hunting bacon images. Why? Because otherwise you might have gotten stuck w/ a blurred picture taken on a cellphone by a drunken monkey instead of this super cool(?) video from YouTube.

No offense to all the drunken monkeys w/ cellphones out there.

Our Opinion of Deep Fried Bacon:

Although we find all bacon inherently good, none of us here at MoreBaconPlease.Com really understand why perfectly good bacon needs to get tossed in batter and deep fried. We have found that most things battered and fried tend to taste pretty much like the batter and lose the original flavor of whatever got drowned in batter.

Now keep in mind we have not yet had the pleasure(?) of trying this, um, delicacy… so don’t take our words on this popular(?) deep fried meat treat as Bacon Gospel.

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