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Bacon Wrapped Cheese Filled Bratwurst

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Some people have asked if we ever experiment with bacon on our own… Well DUH! Of course we do! As a matter of fact, over the weekend we found the time to take a normally very unhealthy food and make it more unhealthy — by adding bacon!

Everyone know that bratwurst contains lots of fat. It naturally follows that cheese filled bratwurst contains even more fat. And finally, logic dictates that bacon-wrapped cheese filled bratwurst would contain the most fat.

Logic ALSO dictates that bacon-wrapped cheese filled bratwurst tastes absolutely delicious! Take a look at these before and after pictures and see for yourself!

Bacon wrapped cheese filled bratwurst

The sight of these meaty bastards before cooking nearly took our breath away… but the smell of them as they cooked in the oven DID take our breath away!

Bacon wrapped cheese filled bratwurst

To define the taste, just imagine all the salty goodness of bacon mingling splendidly with the texture of the bratwurst and topped off with a cheesy core for dessert.

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