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Monstrous Bacon Pile

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Talk about a healty pile of bacon! Wow! Seldom at the average breakfast buffet will you ever see such a beautiful site. Usually they will have a shallow pan with barely enough bacon to fill it up more than halfway — and the bacon looks like gooey, greasy, mangled and possibly just run over by a herd of angry bison.

Awesome Pile of Bacon at Breakfast Buffet

Naturally you want to know WHERE you can go so that you, too may witness and taste a bacon bonanza such as this. We do, too. No one seems to know where the photo came from or what restaurant saw fit to pile the bacon that high.

Oh well. I guess we will ALL just have to fantasize about that monstrous pile of bacon until we either find that restaurant or make our own heaping pile of bacon — for dinner tonight. Lol.

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