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Motorcycle Helmets vs. Smoking

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Time and time again people preach to me about the virtues wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. I know the risks of not wearing a helmet. They SCARE me, yes, and I ride cautiously BECAUSE of my fear.

For those not understanding that statement, let me re-phrase: The idea of having my valuable brains splattered all over the pavement makes me ride more carefully and watch out for all those coffee-drinking, cellphone-using, cracked-out, jamming-to-the-beat and eating a croissant bungholes in their automobiles — ‘cuz they ain’t watchin’ for me!

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What does smoking have to do with this? More people die and get sick in a year from smoking than die on motorcycles in a year from not wearing a helmet — and yet SMOKERS have the NERVE to preach to ME about not wearing a helmet. “You’re gonna’ DIE doing that! It’s WRONG and DANGEROUS!” they say.

Hmmm… If I wreck on my bike and splatter my grey matter on the highway, only I get hurt and/or die. When a smoker lights up, the Surgeon General says EVERYONE exposed to the smoke from their cigarette, pipe, cigar, etc.

So please TELL me WHY smokers feel as though they have the RIGHT and DUTY to preach about safety when they habitually destroy THEIR lives and those of EVERYONE else around them?

When I choose to ride w/o a helmet I take MY life into my hands — and not for a cheap chemical high. Smokers have an addiction that causes them to take the rest of the world out with them.

So, folks, the next time you see me or anyone else riding w/o a helmet, instead of of muttering curses and curse words about how dumb we are, thank us for possibly removing ourselves, and ONLY our (stupid) selves from the gene pool.

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With us gone you will have that much more free time to stop and really enjoy the cigarette smoke from the guy next to you — that’s killing YOU, your FAMILY, your PETS… Get the point yet?

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