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Best Sushi in the Area (Not a Joke, Sorry)

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OK, so everyone knows the slimebag, er, Frogg responsible for Da’ Blakk Frogg Joke Blog loves sushi. No secret there. None at all. But how many of you know where he goes to GET his fresh, tasty, delectable, melt-in-your-mouth sushi fix, huh? Read the following items off the ‘Raw Bites’ menu from Four Moons and you’ll know why he always goes there on Wednesday night’s for Sushi Night!

“All of our Fish for our Raw Bites Menu is flown in from Hawaii especially for Four Moons. It is the Freshest fish you will find in South Carolina, far superior in quality to any Carolina Sushi Bar.”

Sushi at Four Moons in Orangeburg, SC

Four Moons Sashimi Platter — Eight Pieces of Sashimi Fish, including Ahi Tuna, King Salmon, and Walu (also known as Hawaiian Butterfish, or White Tuna), plus Four Pieces of Maki Sushi Roll, served with Sushi Rice, Pickled Ginger, Tobikko Caviar, Wakame Seaweed Salad, Ponzu Sauce, Miso Mayonnaise, Wasabi, and Pickled Ginger

Ahi Tuna, Walu, King Salmon, or Broiled Eel — Available as a Roll, Spicy Roll or Nigiri Style

Surf and Turf Roll — Spicy Scallop Inside, Bison Tataki Outside

Red Dragon Roll — Spicy Ahi Tuna Inside, White Tuna Outside,
Topped with Broiled Eel and Kabayaki Sauce

Tarantula Roll — Tempura Lobster and Cucumber Inside Out
Roll with Pickled Mango and Spicy Sauce

Rice Crispy Crunch Roll — Salmon, Tuna, and Cucumber Inside, Avocado Outside, Rolled in Sesame Rice Crispies and Nori Confetti

Salmon Ménage a Trois Roll — Spicy Salmon Inside, Tempura Salmon and
Salmon Caviar Outside, with Kabayaki Sauce

Vegetable Hand Roll — Cucumber, Sweet Pepper, Carrot, Nappa
Cabbage, Wakame, Sweet Thai Chili Sauce

Lunar Eclipse Roll — Spicy Tuna Inside, Tuna and King Salmon Outside, Tobikko and Salmon Caviars

Unagi Don — Broiled Eel served over Warm Sushi Rice

Volcano — Jumbo Lump Crab and Asparagus in Spicy Sauce, Baked Until Hot and Bubbly, Topped with Tobikko Caviar and Served with Wanton Chips

Lava Drops — Spicy Tuna or Salmon, Tempura Fried and served with Kabayaki Sauce

Tataki — (Flash Seared, served with Warm Sushi Rice, Seaweed Salad and Sweet Thai Chili Sauce). Choose from Ahi Tuna or Bison Strip Loin

Salads — Wakame Seaweed Salad or Tossed Salad with Ginger Dressing

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There you have it folks. The secret location for kick-ass sushi in South Carolina has gotten out: Four Moons

For those who do not like sushi, you suck. We hope an octopus takes a big, smelly seaweed dump on your head.

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