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Yep. Some girls truly deserve the name of ‘Gold Digger’ and some guys truly deserve the name of ‘gilolo’. Why? Because they make truly ignorant statements like THIS when they think no one can hear them:

Americas Best MySpace Sex Comments

Seriously speaking all you girls and guys who make your living by opening your intimate parts to the highest bidder. If you cannot get it on your own through hard work, honest effort and legitimate means, maybe that Porsche just wasn’t meant for you and MAYBE people would not look at you like a. . . WHORE if you got off your knees, back, etc. — and got a job that didn’t involve excessive sucking, unhealthy amounts of licking, and definitely unhealthy amounts of sweat rolling off the backs and brows of people who use you for their sick little fantasies and toss you away like the prophylactic devices one can only hope you insisted on using for your tryst(s).

Americas Best MySpace Sex Comments

Blakk Frogg works hard for all his ill-gotten goods. Oops. He meant to say, “Stuff.” Honestly. Ask his agent at the Brothel Catering (exclusively) to Wealthy Women w/ Big Boobs, Thin Waists and Neatly Trimmed Beavers.

Look it up. . . It’s a real place.  😛

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