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Frogg’s Friends Deserve a Great Wedding!

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Thanks to ALL your help, Blakk Frogg’s friends advanced to Round 2 of the 96.1 Big Beat Bridal Competition!  They are now one of 25 couples battling it out for the wedding they really, really want. . . but cannot afford!

Blakk Frogg asks each and every one of you reading this to seal the deal for his friends so they can have the wedding they truly deserve by going back to vote in this final, crucial round. . . or to vote for them for the first time if you didn’t get around to voting before. (Instructions: click here, and VOTE for Couple #18. Any questions?)

Gary and Angie

“WHY does Blakk Frogg believe this couple deserves a kick ass wedding,” you ask. . .

  • The times when Blakk Frogg ran out of funds for beer, sushi and just generally enough money to ‘hang out’ like a human being, Gary and Angie swang through, brought beer, took him out for sushi, and did their best to make him feel better about life — at least for the moment.
  • The times when Blakk Frogg found himself lost and adrift in a sea of self-pity and self-hatred Gary & Angie helped him to sit back, think about things in a new, more rational direction, and stop blaming himself for everything.
  • Endless nights of passion in the back of. . . Oops.  Wrong couple.
  • Moving on. . . . Gary and Angie have stood by my side, or at least close enough by Blakk Frogg through a lot of really tough, miserable broke times and although Blakk Frogg has returned the favor time and time again, he really wants to see his friends enjoy an awesome wedding.

So it should come as no surprise, at this point, that Blakk Frogg asks you to click here, and VOTE for Couple #18.

Just a few minutes out of your day will make two of Blakk Frogg’s friends very, very happy.

“I need more (better) reasons, damn it!”

OK, well how about these:

  • If they win the wedding contest, they promise to move to The Beach and never call Blakk Frogg again.
  • If they win, Blakk Frogg will have the ability to get really shitfaced at the wedding w/o feeling guilty because they paid for it.
  • Their winning will prove to Blakk Frogg that he has the best damn reader-base on the planet!

If you need more reasons than all that Blakk Frogg has listed, well, you probably skipped a dose of your meds this morning and should double up next time around.

Earth Shattering Conclusion:

Click here, and VOTE for Couple #18 !  Or we beat the hamsters a second time!

Gary and Angie
Besides. . . a Psycho and an Angel DESERVE each other! 😉

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