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Help Blakk Frogg’s Friends Win a Wedding

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OK, so this dude walks into a bar. . . No, not really, but moving on. . . Blakk Frogg received a plea for help from his really good friends (drinking, BBQ, Bike Night and partying buddies).

Gary & Angie set a wedding date of July 5, 2008 for their wedding and it just so happens that a local radio station from Charlotte, NC (96.1, The Beat) started a contest recently where the engaged couple who get the most votes. . . wins a totally kick ass wedding costing, well, a HELL of a lot more than Gary & Angie can possibly afford.

The Mission:  Help Gary & Angie Win a Really Great Wedding!

Do your part to help Blakk Frogg, who just HAPPENS to be the Best Man, er, Best Amphibian at the upcoming wedding give his really good friends (drinking, BBQ, Bike Night and partying buddies) the best wedding possible.

How You Can Help:  Follow These SIMPLE Instructions!

1.    Go to and click on “The Beat’s Big Bridal Giveaway”

2.    Click on “Vote Now”

3.    Choose/Select “Couple Number 42” … That’s Forty-Two, for all you slow folks out there…

4.    At bottom of screen click on “Create Username” and add your info

5.    Click “Submit” or “Next” or whatever the heck the thing says

6.    Wait a minute or two and then check your email

7.    Open the email from the radio station and click the “Confirmation Link”

8.    That’s it.  You’re done.  Reward yourself with an ice cold beer and a trip to the Oriental Massage Parlor down the block

So please help Blakk Frogg help his buddies, will ya’?  Help these two fine, up-standing members of society (HA!) get hitched in a ceremony so awesome that even the Minister will stand at the altar and say, “Holy shit!  This wedding kicks ass! ….  Oops.  My bad.”

Thank you so much for your time and don’t forget to jiggle the handle twice after you flush.

Please feel free to forward this on to as many others as you can.  Don’t MAKE a Frogg ask twice now, ya’ hear?

Sincerely, most of the time,

Blakk Frogg
Friend and Promoter of the Future Mr. & Mrs. Dantzler

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