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Poking Fun at Penis Pill Ads

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Blakk Frogg has grown sick of ads like this one piling up in his mailbox. So what did he do? He critiqued a recent one for your reading pleasure. Bold face type is the ad, the regular italicized type is what went through his mind as he read the thing.

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Dear Blakkfrogg-269U,

67% of women desire a “bigger” man…

maybe I should eat more!

From the Creator of [product name 1] comes [product name 2], the most powerful penis enlargement pill on the market!

I’m so tiny that I’ll need TWO products to make me a man again? My life really DOES suck… 


value meal terminology referring for my schlong? So so wrong… 

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but a woman will STILL do it better, right?

OVER 120,000,000 CAPSULES SOLD!!!

at a guaranteed 3 inches per pill, that’s 360,000,000 inches or 30 million feet of increased pecker length. Hmmm… I wonder how many miles of wiener that works out to be?

  • Do you want a larger and firmer penis? not in church, no
  • Do you want to give your partner more pleasure? what will I get in return?
  • Do you want to stay ROCK HARD longer? women just LOVE granite between their loins!Our Revolutionary Pill Can Enlarge Your Penis Up to 3-FULL-INCHES. 100% GUARANTEED!

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    free jokes, comments and graphics

    and HOW does one file a complaint if the product fails? before and after photos? signed affidavits from disappointed sex partners?

    And now for a few final words on the topic from Blakk Frogg….

    Blakk Frogg understands targeting males, but he works with a woman who gets ads like this one, minus the commentary, all the time. Oh, now he gets it: As a woman it would be doing her woefully inadequate male partner a favor by ordering these behind his back and slipping them into his beverages at dinner.

    “Wow, honey. That dinner was fantastic and… Hey! What’s this? Your pot roast gave me a woodie!” exclaimed the astonished previously puny peckered man.

    Enough is enough. Repeatedly making guys feel like they aren’t packing enough meat can’t REALLY be all that successful a marketing campaign, can it? If so, then maybe it isn’t the small peckers that are the problem. Maybe it’s small minds.

    Simply Frogg and Americas Best
    free jokes, comments and graphics

    Blakk Frogg feels perfectly happy with his vienna sausage… when he can find it, that is. :-/

    Simply Frogg and Americas Best
    free jokes, comments and graphics

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