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Fish and Flush Aquarium w/ Story

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Just when Blakk Frogg thought he had seen it all, out comes something else to make him ask, “What the Fuck… and WHY?” once more. Introducing, for your entertainment in the bathroom, the Fish and Flush Combination Toilet-Aquarium. What better way to amuse yourself, while relieving your bladder, than to get into a staring contest with a fish, right? This applies, of course, only to women who straddle the toilet seat backwards while urinating and men who actually AIM when they drain they pee.

(not recommended for guys w/ a complex about their weiner size)

OK, since Blakk Frogg tends to have an overly active imagination, just picture, if you will, the embarrassment a guy would suffer if he unzipped, whipped it out, and all the fish started “laughing” at his manhood. Little bubbles of air popping from their puckered mouthes as the guy struggles hard to squeeze the last remaining drops out of his inadequate drainage tool. Fins flapping around wildly causing them to bang into the glass and careen off the rocks as the unthinkable happens…. The guy, in such a hurry to leave this clearly uncomfortable situation, makes a bad, bad timing error and ZZZZIIIIIP. OUCH! Yep. For those who saw Something About Mary, this will make total sense: “FRANKS AND BEANS! FRANKS AND BEANS!”

At this point all the fish suffer massive cardiacs from excessive laughter and begin to float belly up. But wait, it gets worse. The owner of the house barges into the bathroom because he heard the other guy screaming bloody murder. Getting one’s meat stick clipped by a zipper brings out the opera singer in any man. After assessing his friend’s condition, and laughing, he turns his attention to the toilet (fish tank) and notices that all of his fish have died. At that point he screams, “You bastard! I hate you! My mom gave me those fish! Get out of my house!”

OK, Blakk Frogg has had enough fun with this topic. Hope all of you have enjoyed this literary distraction and for all you guys out there, remember to (fully) unwhip before you zip… especially if you notice fish staring at you.

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