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Disqualified for Abusing His Sex Doll

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OK, Blakk Frogg admits that he did not post a joke here, but damn it, man, this story taken from made him laugh real hard. A guy gets disqualified from a race down an inflatable doll race down a river because he “boinked” his raft along the way. Quality entertainment all the way around! Read for yourself:

“A participant in the annual Sex Dolls Rafting Tournament near St Petersburg was disqualified in shame for ‘”sexual abuse of apparatus’, Mosnews reports.”

inflatable doll race

“The event – held on the Vuoksa river and sponsored by ‘a number of Russian sex shops’ – this year attracted 400 athletes determined to tackle the choppy 1,200 metre course with nothing more than an inflatable partner for buoyancy, as our pic shows.”

“As organiser, Dmitriy Bulaviniv told Zizn’ newspaper: ‘It’s fun and difficult to swim in stormy river with an exotic apparatus, as inflatable ladies slip out of hands.'”

“Yes they do. According to Mosnews’s entertaining commentary, as ‘strong wind and flow snatched out resilient dolls from strong men’s hands’, only 40-year-old Igor Osipov was left to make the final climactic dash to the finish line. At this point, however, ‘the jury then noticed Osipov’s strange position and told him to moor. When he came out of the water, gazers saw signs of recent sexual activity on the swimmer’s doll.'”

“The mind boggles. The judges then ‘found the swimmer guilty of sexual abuse of the apparatus and disqualified him’ because, as the organisers explained: ‘Air sex dolls can be used only for swimming.'”


Some folks may consider the idea of racing down a freezing cold rivcer with an inflatable sex doll in tow a poor representation of humanity….. but Blakk Frogg has decided to sponsor a team next year if he wins the lottery.

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