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Are You a Good Driver?

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Good driver? Bad driver? Safe driver? Danger to society?

A lot of people do NOT think while driving, and the following question will help you to find out if you fall into that ‘non-thinking driver’ category…

Situation: While driving down a narrow 2-lane road that the Department of Motor Vehicles has clearly marked as a no passing zone for the next 15 miles, you come up behind a pedestrian riding a bicycle…. and there is NO shoulder to ride on. Also, your lane does not have enough room for both the pedestrian on the bike and your vehicle. At this time you see no vehicles approaching in the opposite lane.

Question: Do you A) Approach slowly from the rear and pass on the left at the first possible moment? B) Approach slowly, sound horn softly so as to let the pedestrian know they need to pull over so that you can pass safely? C) Follow at a close, but safe distance with your flashers on until the road signs say you can pass legally?

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Results: The correct answer is “C: Follow at a close, but safe distance with your flashers on until the road signs say you can pass legally.” No need to take any unnecessary risks on the road that would endanger other drivers, violate the law, or put pedestrians in harm’s way.

Interesting Corollary: The majority of men have no problem with that simple test and pass with flying colors. Women, on the other hand, haver a tendency to fail this test pretty much each and every time. No one has a clue why, though…..

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