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No More Ho’s Santa Clause?

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And no, Mrs. Clause didn’t catch Santa getting a little action on the side.

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Instead, it is something far more sinister: Some idiots in Australia have decided to change Santa Clause’s jolly, happy, trademarked, patented, world-famous “ho-ho-ho!” to….. “ha-ha-ha!” (insert the classic ‘WTF’ here)

Apparently they think the average woman takes offense to the term ‘ho’ and that children ought not get exposed to such harsh, condescending language….. especially from Santa Clause, a symbol of all that we supposedly deem innocent an pure.

Americas Best MySpace Holidays Comments

Uh, hello? If a woman takes offense to that word used in a COMPLETE other way, then she probably wound UP waiting in line with her 3 screaming brats to see Santa as a RESULT of behaving like a ‘ho’…. and she needs to shut up, keep her legs closed, and stop drawing attention to herself.

Americas Best MySpace Holidays Comments

Reality of the matter: Most kids who believe in Santa Clause and hear the time-honored ‘ho-ho-ho’ do not make the connection between the sluts they see everywhere else in life and the innocence of St. Nick. Also, if those kids DO make that connection, someone needs to reset the password on Net Nanny and/or the cable box in their parents’ home.

Americas Best MySpace Holidays Comments

It already sucks enough that we can no longer enjoy a Holiday Season w/o having to worry about offending people by saying, “Merry Christmas”. Do we REALLY have to censor Santa now, too?

Americas Best MySpace Holidays Comments

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