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Future Hope for Crippled Frogs

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For years Blakk Frogg has struggled with the fact that millions of unlucky, or just plain slow, frogs lose their legs because some yuppie or dork trying to impress their girlfriend orders them as an appetizer at a French restaurant.  To make matters worse, recently Blakk Frogg has heard rumors that Chinese all-you-can-shove-down-your-throat buffets have started offering them as well.  “The horror….. The HORror…” (reference: dying words of Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now)

Picture millions of crippled, legless amphibians drifting around society with no one to look up to, no one to admire…. No WONDER their suicide rate has topped that of radical terrorists in the past few years!

Those days, however, have come to an end.  Thanks to a special grant from an anonymous donor who lives at 147 East 15th Street in Fairbanks, Alaska, crippled frogs worldwide can cheer on their favorite fellow legless amphibian in the Crippled Frog Olympics!  See below, please:

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Oh sure, these races lack the excitement of NASCAR or Formula 1 Racing but the little guys have heart, lots and lots of heart.  Just no legs.

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